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Sikh Code of Conduct Course Learning Materials Download now

We conducted a ‘Sikh Code of Conduct Course’ over 10 weeks some years ago. The course is very useful to people who are interested in learning about key Sikh ceremonies from birth to death. The aim of the course was to discuss the differences in applications of Rehat (discipline) in disparate groups of the Sikhs. Sharing their commonalties and discussing how concepts of Rehat have evolved over time. The course aimed at giving the views of different groups whilst being respectful of everyone, so we can understand each others views, whilst making our own informed choices of how to practice our Sikhi.

You can view the 10 course video on https://youtu.be/FKXD3oNWdlo

You can view all 10 weeks powerpoints on the link below

Sikh Code of Conduct Course Learning Materials

We hope the course if of interest and value to our Sangat and viewers. We apologise if any factual errors have been made in putting this seva into action.

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