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Vaisakhi Resources

Vaisakhi was a culmination of the efforts of all 10 Gurus. Akaal Publishers have made a number of resources which inspire and teach about this glorious history of the 1699 Vaisakhi. We also need to remember Jalianwala Bagh massacre, the 1978 bloody Vaisakhi which led to the Shaheedia of 13 great Gursikhs and the assassination of Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi in 1984 on Vaisakhi.To learn about the 1699 Vaisakhi and its teachings in short, please read and share our Vaisakhi booklet


Listen to & watch ‘Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji’

Katha on ‘What is Amrit?

You can watch our ‘Sikh Code of Conduct’ course which discusses the different perspectives of Sikh organisations on practices which is thoroughly researched and referenced at

You can purchase our English translation of the ‘Sikh Code of Conduct’ at

Also available on Amazon and KindleYou can learn about Sikh struggles for freedom against the British (Jalianwala Bagh), the 1978 Shaheeds and Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi by reading our book ‘Game of Love’ you can purchase at

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