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Defending Sachkand – June 1984

From the 1 June 1984 – 6 June 1984 Indian paramilitary forces and the army attacked the most sacred Gurdwara of the Sikhs – Sri Harmandir Sahib which has the ambrosial pool of Amritsar (also commonly known as the Golden Temple). The Indian army murdered thousands of innocent worshipers and some Sikhs saw it better to giving a fitting response to this attack on their faith, freedoms and self-respect as Sikhs.

This fictionalised account is based upon the resistance that these Sikhs put up. Why is it fictionalised you may ask? As the dead have no voice – we have to stitch together the truth from the scraps of reality that haven’t been drowned out by the throttling of the truth by oppressive regimes.

Read the full account here https://akaalpublishers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Defending-Sachkand.pdf