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New Edition Sikh Code of Conduct out now!!

The new edition of the translated ‘Sikh code of conduct’ is now available to purchase from www.akaalpublisher.com/shop and Amazon (internationally). We have updated the cover and made some edits to the text that we translated from the ‘Sankep Rehat Maryada’ of Damdami Taksal, this book is a direct translation of that publication.In this translated version we have not included the quoted original Gurmukhi text of the Gurbani quotes and Rehat Maryadas quotes. If you wish to see all the quotes used in the document, you can read online on the following links https://damdamitaksal.com/code-of-conduct


We will continue to give copies of this book free to anyone who takes Amrit in the UK – just drop us a message, telling us at which Amrit Sanchar you attended and we will send you a complimentary copy.

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